Rick Perry’s Little PR Problem

Two years ago Texas Governor Rick Perry came out with a little book called Fed Up  that is currently and suddenly the number 1 Political Bestseller on Amazon. Perry, in case you don’t know, is the leader in the currently Republican presidential primary.

The text itself is surprisingly engaging for Tea Party vitriol and, frankly,  I see a certain down home charm incomments like, “If you don’t support the Death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don’t move to Texas. And if you don’t support medical marijuana and gay marriage don’t move to California.”

But what is a guy do when he’s made a career out of denigrating the Washington power structure as hopelessly corrupt and broken but suddenly wants to leap-frog right into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? It will be interesting to watch how his primary opponents tap this motherlode of self-inflicted opposition research to tear Perry down in the upcoming weeks.

I predict a boon in book sales and a bright future as a Fox TV commentator for Perry, but no Republican nomination.


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