Even Hillary is trying to take advantage of “Bad” Polling

Updating from yesterday. Even the Clinton Campaign is trying to present the tightening of polling as a reason to contribute to her campaign. She’s actually advertising that her opponent is WINNING based on a single polling data point despite the fact that an average of polling shows her well ahead, especially if you dismiss the outlier LA Times Poll that has been already explained to distort its results heavily in favor of Trump because of a single participant in that group.


Seems like a very strange strategy. My understanding was that Clinton has plenty of money in the bank for their last minute campaign blitz so apparently her strategists think this is a great way to ensure voter turnout. Personally, I think it’s a risky gambit. This sort of news could just as easily discourage on-the-fence supporters as it could motivate others.

See below for the actual average polling for November 2nd, 2016. With the LAT poll she’s still leading by 1.7 percent. Take out the LAT poll which, again, has been demonstrated to be distorted by a single 19-year-old, Black Trump supporter being heavily weighted in the results, and Hillary is comfortably in the lead at 3.2%. I



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