Let Me Bore You To Tears So You’ll Be Glad You’re Getting Laid Off

This is what years of thinking in PowerPoint will do to a brain. 

Microsoft Lays off thousands in worst memo ever.
Great breakdown by NY Magazine. I just can’t figure out why any executive feels the need for 10,000 words of business strategy preamble before giving his audience the bad news. Small bit of advice, when you’re taking away someone’s job, they don’t care about the business rationale. Especially if you’re going to use crap words like, More broadly across the Devices team, we will continue our efforts to bring iconic tablets to market in ways that complement our OEM partners, power the next generation of meetings & collaboration devices and thoughtfully expand Windows with new interaction models.”

There’s only one “iconic tablet” and I don’t think Microsoft is bringing it to market any time soon. 


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