Los Angeles County Sheriff too "Radical" for Republican Congressman

Thanks to Kevin at LAObserved for catching this piece. LA County Sheriff Baca, who is about as widely respected of a law-enforcement officer as you’ll ever find, was testifying in front of the Homeland Security Committee when he was attacked by Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana for attending fundraisers for CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Baca, bless his heart, shot back saying, “And you’ll see me there 10 more times.”

Very nice to see a serious guy like Baca taking a stand for decency and common sense.

Congress, in general, knows know shame when it comes to scoring political points through jingoism and race-baiting and neither party has a corner on the market for it.

I’ll never forget sitting with my clients from Dubai during the DP World Crisis as they were being grilled by a congressional committee. Member after member lined up to insinuate or outright declare that Dubai was a severe threat to US security, despite the fact they ALL knew the USS Ronald Reagan was in port in Dubai at that very moment and that none other than General John Abizaid, US CENTCOM
Commander, had called Dubai and the UAE one of the most important allies in the war on terror.


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