Tiger, shanks it again.

Tiger Woods has hired Ari Fleisher to rehabilitate. It’s hard to imagine a billionaire celebrity handling a PR crisis any worse that Tiger Woods has. It’s been 4 months since his bimbo explosion went nuclear and he basically took the ostrich approach with the result that the tabloids and a dozen paramours have been allowed to write the entire narrative. Now for his next big move, he hires a guy whose big credits are flacking for Presdient George W. Bush and “rehabilitating” Mark McGuire.

Did I miss Mark McGuire’s rehabilitation? Last I heard he was disgraced in the public eye for basically taking the 5th and refusing to testify in front of Congress about the subject. And how are people feeling about George W. Bush’s legacy right now?

The sad irony, though, is that this whole thing could have been behind Tiger by now. He should have walked out in front of the cameras within a few days of the original event, eaten some humble pie and then gone golfing. When you’re loved for something, DO NOT STOP DOING IT. David Letterman didn’t stop hosting his show. President Clinton didn’t stop being the leader of the free world.  But bunkering up like this has done nothing but heighten the interest in his transgressions and his personal life.


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